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When you consider the price of a trampoline and the wear and tear it suffers under UV rays, as well as the ropes, it is really worthwhile to put a protective cover on your catamaran or dinghy.

In addition, it allows you to keep some of the fittings out of sight, which is often difficult to remove, or to protect from bird droppings and dead leaves.

We know how to create a range of resistant and easy to install covers in order to lose the least amount of time in the preparation and to enjoy sailing on a clean and sun-worn boat.

After extensive research and laboratory testing, we found a new 900 denier polyester fabric with PU coating that stays flexible and is really UV resistant.  Its gray color lightens, then does not move for years. This new fabric no longer releases that unpleasant white powder.

Les coutures sont souvent le point faible des tauds. Aussi, nous utilisons un fil anti UV sur dimensionné pour plus de durabilité.

Nous vendons des tauds depuis plus de 15 ans et nous avons pu vérifier la bonne compatibilité et tenue de nos références.

Hobie Cat, Nacra, Cirrus, Viper, Dart, Formule 18, Alado, AHPC, Infusion, Capricorn, Tornado, 49er, Nacra 17…

Vous trouverez ainsi 25 références dont la majorité sont des tauds de parking, recouvrant le catamaran des étraves jusqu’aux tableaux arrière, mais également pour dériveurs, des housses de foc et de kit snuffer.

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